Wedding Pics

Ok people, we have now got a on-line gallery of pictures from the wedding (thanks in no small part to my big sister, thank you). It is password protected so if you want access to it please contact either me or Nic and we will sort it out for you. Also, those of you that were there and have photos that you want to add to the gallery, please let us know and we will give you access to do so.




Confetti! by Littlelixie
Confetti!, a photo by Littlelixie on Flickr.

Here is a quick peak of the new Mr and Mrs Walker for those who could not be with us, to tired to blog properly this evening and I really want to do our wonderful day justice so I am afraid I will have to leave you in suspense about all the going ons.

Our day to remember

Sorry I’ve been quiet the last couple of days but as you imagine it has been kind of crazy here.
I finally got to see the amazing house and garden, it has such a wonderful sense of family about it, it’s almost as though you feel the love that has been here over the years it is really very special, my favourite part is the wonderful orchard it is really magical.
We have been crafting like mad, we have now learnt all about candy trees and bow tieing and there has been a lot of straw bale lifting but finally we are here, the day I get to married my beloved and although all these other things are wondeful and will make it special the most important part was already organised, I get to make my vows to the man I love in front of friends and family so we become man and wife.


Pin that Ring

One more thing to tick off the list…a ring cushion.

I had good fun making this as I’ve never made one before. I had to look online to see what they usually looked like and then got all Blue Peter with the materials I had on hand. I also finally discovered what this kind of needle is for.

It is for adding the ribbon to ring cushions when you had forgotten it!

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Wiring Buttons and confetti

Well, here we are on the last leg of the run  up to the big day. I have had a fun day (well afternoon), no really I mean it, putting buttons on wires for the floral decorations, now I can’t wait to see how they turn out.

There are a couple of things we need to let you know about.

Firstly, Confetti. Due to the fact that the house is going to be put up for sale and will need to look good for people viewing it we want to ask everyone to please NOT bring any confetti with you. We have fully bio-degradable blossom and petals that we are providing for everyone at the wedding for them to use as confetti.

Secondly, Music (specifically songs during the ceremony). We have finally chosen the two songs we want played during the ceremony and there is a VERY IMPORTANT thing about them that you need to know. We would like EVERYONE to sing along with the songs. Full lyrics will be provided in the order of service and, in order for all of you to listen to them if you do not know them, here are links to videos of them on YouTube:-

Adele – Make You Feel My Love

Alison Crowe – In My Life

PLEASE, please, please,listen to them and sing along when they are played during the ceremony, it would really mean a lot to both Nic and I.

If anyone is travelling on foot please contact me directly on and I will give you the bus numbers and the stop name.

Well, that’s all for now, back to the final long list of things left to do which Nic is working her way through with some help from myself :-))

Amazing offer

This is just a quick post, one our of dear friends has had to change their travel plans to the wedding and so now has a return ticket from Victoria Station in London to basically the front door available, and to qoute her directly although some money for them would be nice actually she would be far happier to see them used than go to waste.

So I am opening it up to first come first served, the ticket is for the Wednesday 15th of August leaving at 11:45 and includes a hovercraft crossing and returns on Tuesday 21st of August leaving Ryde at 14:45. There is still a bit of floor space left in the house and I know some people have been unable to attend due to the finances which you know we completely understand so this is a great chance to come and join the fun, you may be required to help with preparations along the way but it will all be part of the fun.

So if anyone is interested please contact me on

Counting down

Ok so nine days to go.

Someone asked me if I was nervous the other day, and to be honest at the moment I really don’t have room in my head to be nervous, I think once we have everything done (about ten mins before the ceremony) then maybe I will get a bit shaky, a good example of this was on Wednesday when I was on my way to our local library knitting group, a weekly occurrence, when I suddenly realised that the bus was pulling away from the library bus stop, my head had been so full of trying to work out every permutation of things that still have to be done the everyday things seem to be slipping.

We have had some forward steps over the last couple of days, our first box and suitcase have made it to the island thanks to Laura, and Jane is doing a fantastic job in the advance party readying the house for our arrival as well. We have decided on a hair do for the day thanks to Ruth and again with help from Ruth we have some supplies for the candy bar.

I have spent the day though trying to sort something that I thought would be a quick job but has taken a little longer than expected. I am fully aware of how boring weddings are sometimes for children and had seen a couple of weddings have activity books and packs for the kids so the parents can actually be more relaxed during the ceremony. I had originally seen this free download which is wonderful and very cute but after downloading it ready to be printed I realised that it was based a lot more on a traditional wedding than ours and I felt that it needed a bit of tweeking to suit us. I then found this great article about creating your own , it has a number of links to free resources of colouring pages and quizes. You have to be careful as a lot of them use american spelling, in the end I used this crossword creator and this word search creator to create my own puzzles along with a couple of picture to colour and my favourite Wedding bingo where they have to go and find guests that fit certain criteria which gives them a good way to meet other people. I have seen lots of other versions of this with over twenty pages, as our formal bit is probably only going to last half an hour 40mins I haven’t put in quite so much, so these booklets will go in a bag with their confetti some pens/crayons and make for the ultimate bribery a packet of sweets/raisins.

Now for an evening of buttonhole making 🙂

When to make, when not to make.

This is of course the question, as everyone knows me and my talented friends have been making almost everything for the wedding, I  know I am blessed to be surrounded by such talented people but with 12 days to go, and only 9 days to go before we leave for the island I have now have had o start working out what is practical to still do before we leave.

What I am making is a bracelet to match the necklace I am wearing for the wedding.


It’s not finished yet but pleased with it so far and as long as I choose the coloured beads in the daylight I can work on it in the evening when I am engrossed with whatever event from the Olympics the BBC is showing.

I have also today secured our seating, I spoke to a lovely farmer call Josh this morning who is saving me 50 of his best bales of Straw at a bargain price, which he’ll deliver as soon as we are on the island 🙂

I have decided to have one extravagance for the wedding though, I have fallen in love with the idea of a candy bar, there are some great examples here although I think ares isn’t going to be quite so regimented. One of the little touches I did like were the customised paper bags, now given the time I could have done these to but to be honest by the time I would have brought the blank bags and stamp and ink, and that is before we get to the time it would take for me to do it really wouldn’t have been cost effective so when I found this wonderful lady on ebay who produced these lovely bags


I couldn’t resist, she even offers different colour ribbon and ink to match your colour scheme.

From the Groom – Music and stuff.

So, here we are, the final countdown and that kind of thingy.


I have been trying my best to help out with everything for the wedding and hoping that I’m not just getting in the way 🙂


One thing I have been doing is trying to sort out music for the ceremony and reception. W e have agreed on the music for Nic to walk down the aisle to and for us to leave to, and, importantly, for the first dance.  I have also put together a very varied collection of songs and music to play in the background while we eat and have speeches, and for the party after the food. We have also found out this week that the next door neighbours, who are musicians, will be providing us with a PA and are more than happy to play for us for part of the reception, so we will have live music and recorded.


We do have one small area of difficulty as far as the music is concerned. We would both like to have 2 or 3 songs as part of the ceremony and want to have everyone singing along to them. Our problem is choosing the songs. So if anyone has any suggestions for songs that everyone can sing along to that would be fitting and suitable for the ceremony, please let us know, thank you.


Nic has been working so hard to get things sorted, and I want to just say thank you to her and that I love her. xxx


And we are both grateful for the help and assistance we have been given, and will be given by friends and family.