So, here we are, the final countdown and that kind of thingy.


I have been trying my best to help out with everything for the wedding and hoping that I’m not just getting in the way 🙂


One thing I have been doing is trying to sort out music for the ceremony and reception. W e have agreed on the music for Nic to walk down the aisle to and for us to leave to, and, importantly, for the first dance.  I have also put together a very varied collection of songs and music to play in the background while we eat and have speeches, and for the party after the food. We have also found out this week that the next door neighbours, who are musicians, will be providing us with a PA and are more than happy to play for us for part of the reception, so we will have live music and recorded.


We do have one small area of difficulty as far as the music is concerned. We would both like to have 2 or 3 songs as part of the ceremony and want to have everyone singing along to them. Our problem is choosing the songs. So if anyone has any suggestions for songs that everyone can sing along to that would be fitting and suitable for the ceremony, please let us know, thank you.


Nic has been working so hard to get things sorted, and I want to just say thank you to her and that I love her. xxx


And we are both grateful for the help and assistance we have been given, and will be given by friends and family.