This is of course the question, as everyone knows me and my talented friends have been making almost everything for the wedding, I  know I am blessed to be surrounded by such talented people but with 12 days to go, and only 9 days to go before we leave for the island I have now have had o start working out what is practical to still do before we leave.

What I am making is a bracelet to match the necklace I am wearing for the wedding.


It’s not finished yet but pleased with it so far and as long as I choose the coloured beads in the daylight I can work on it in the evening when I am engrossed with whatever event from the Olympics the BBC is showing.

I have also today secured our seating, I spoke to a lovely farmer call Josh this morning who is saving me 50 of his best bales of Straw at a bargain price, which he’ll deliver as soon as we are on the island 🙂

I have decided to have one extravagance for the wedding though, I have fallen in love with the idea of a candy bar, there are some great examples here although I think ares isn’t going to be quite so regimented. One of the little touches I did like were the customised paper bags, now given the time I could have done these to but to be honest by the time I would have brought the blank bags and stamp and ink, and that is before we get to the time it would take for me to do it really wouldn’t have been cost effective so when I found this wonderful lady on ebay who produced these lovely bags


I couldn’t resist, she even offers different colour ribbon and ink to match your colour scheme.