Ok so nine days to go.

Someone asked me if I was nervous the other day, and to be honest at the moment I really don’t have room in my head to be nervous, I think once we have everything done (about ten mins before the ceremony) then maybe I will get a bit shaky, a good example of this was on Wednesday when I was on my way to our local library knitting group, a weekly occurrence, when I suddenly realised that the bus was pulling away from the library bus stop, my head had been so full of trying to work out every permutation of things that still have to be done the everyday things seem to be slipping.

We have had some forward steps over the last couple of days, our first box and suitcase have made it to the island thanks to Laura, and Jane is doing a fantastic job in the advance party readying the house for our arrival as well. We have decided on a hair do for the day thanks to Ruth and again with help from Ruth we have some supplies for the candy bar.

I have spent the day though trying to sort something that I thought would be a quick job but has taken a little longer than expected. I am fully aware of how boring weddings are sometimes for children and had seen a couple of weddings have activity books and packs for the kids so the parents can actually be more relaxed during the ceremony. I had originally seen this free download which is wonderful and very cute but after downloading it ready to be printed I realised that it was based a lot more on a traditional wedding than ours and I felt that it needed a bit of tweeking to suit us. I then found this great article about creating your own , it has a number of links to free resources of colouring pages and quizes. You have to be careful as a lot of them use american spelling, in the end I used this crossword creator and this word search creator to create my own puzzles along with a couple of picture to colour and my favourite Wedding bingo where they have to go and find guests that fit certain criteria which gives them a good way to meet other people. I have seen lots of other versions of this with over twenty pages, as our formal bit is probably only going to last half an hour 40mins I haven’t put in quite so much, so these booklets will go in a bag with their confetti some pens/crayons and make for the ultimate bribery a packet of sweets/raisins.

Now for an evening of buttonhole making 🙂