And now the for the Groom

Work has begun to ensure the Groom looks almost as splendid as his Bride. Over the last few weeks I’d measured the victim groom and made a pattern using the really excellent directions on this site. I made a trial waistcoat without lining or anything out of cheap polycotton and used that to refine the fit of the pattern. A few adjustments ready and we’re good to go.

First up, cutting the fabric.

I’ve made bits and bobs before but had never tried adding a flat pocket so here we go.

A few more pins and things later…

…and it’s coming together.

Maybe I’ll leave the big reveal til the day though..!


Small boxes and filling things

Ok we have 21 days to go and the list of things to do is growing, but in positive light some things are coming together, I had my final fitting for my dress yesterday so that and the bouquet now ticked off the list, unfortunately a small setback today, those nice confetti boxes I got yesterday aren’t quite right, I started putting them together and thought I should just try one out first so duly filled, with little boys help, my little box with confetti and then we tried to get it out, well I would have walked down the aisle and had a cup of tea before anyone could have managed to get this stuff out so back to the drawing board, they won’t go to waste though as I can use them for parcelling up my jewellery.

Onto more positive stuff, food, this is the list of what people have said they are bringing so far,




Cheese Truckle

A Ham

White wine


GF Muffins

Cheese and pineapple hedgehog 🙂

Victoria Sponge

edited to add Gluten free Lasagne 🙂

If you haven’t let me know yet what you are bringing can you please give me a rough idea just so I know if there are any major holes that I am going to have to fill 🙂

And another question, I know several of you have said that you are planning to bring your camping chairs, I just wondered how many more of  you were planning to do so, only because I am about to order the straw bales and don’t want to over order 🙂

I’m looking forward to seeing everyone soon.

Three weeks and counting

The days are flying by, three weeks to go and I am starting to feel the pressure of the passing of time, I am starting to make inroads, I think I have finished my Bouquet, I say I think I have finished but I was looking at it again this morning and thinking I may need to add another layer to soften it.

ImageBut maybe I just need to stop fiddling with it.

I also visited S and A imports again yesterday, my sister was visiting and gave me a lift over there to pick up Teal and burgundy serviettes, apparently its all in the details 🙂 I did also get the oasis for the flower arrangements and some more ribbon in appropriate colour.

One of the jobs of the day is constructing the confetti boxes that also arrived yesterday.

ImageThese were a bargain from ebay and are the perfect colour, we have also finally agreed on the readings for the ceremony and asked our readers who all thankfully agreed to do it.

I have been having thoughts since the hens night, although I think I am a long way past having a full blown veil I am reconsidering a birdcage veil,I don’t think it will be to difficult to construct and then it started me having thoughts about my hair and then my make up and there we are back to going there is only three weeks to go!



All pampered out

I had a lovely day yesterday, I was thoroughly spoiled by Stash. She had been unable to get to the hen party on Saturday due to work commitments so we made alternative plans and she offered to get my hair cut as a wedding gift, which was wonderful but I insisted we made a day of it and she joined me for some lunch and came with me to the hairdressers. So I had been hunting around for a place to go as I rarely get my hair cut and when I do it is usually at supercuts, who I have to say are very good in Romford but not quite the place for a nice relaxing afternoon. In the end we decided to try this new place in Chadwell Heath



It is only small and has only been open a few weeks, but I have to say they did us proud, a wonderful afternoon was had being pampered with glasses of wine in thrown in and such lovely welcoming staff. I had a wash cut and blow dry and full colour, plus I had my first ever manicure, I love the haircut, its one of the first time I haven’t had to negotiate for what colour that I actually wanted rather than giving me what they thought was age appropriate and she is willing to tackle blue and Pink if and when required. The manicure was lovely but not something that I think I am going to get into, managed to ruin the polish within minutes of stepping out of the salon. Stash had a facial and Pedicure and seemed to approve to. We must have been in the salon for about four hours and we really got a chance to catch up at the same time.

Obviously we had to pop into my favourite cafe for a cold drink after we finished, the Gourmet Chef may not be high class but the food is good and plentiful. And although we were only going in for a cold drink we decided to relive a previous outing and indulge in some ice cream, I originally had asked for apple pie and ice cream but unfortunately they had run out and to make up for my disappointment the wonderful chef turned up with this

ImageI apologise for the background but the cafe was still decorated for the flame going past the previous day. Normally its the traditional three scoops in a metal bowl, all I can say is who needs Harrods ice cream bar 🙂


Gone to the dogs

As tradition dictates there apparently has to be a hen party before a wedding for the bride and all her female friends to go out and party one last time, well I will say now anyone expecting a report of strippers and wild debauchery may be a little disappointed.

I have to say that Lucy did an amazing job of organising as I really had no idea of what she had planned or even who was coming and in fact I didn’t actually know which of two days we were actually going out till last weekend, now normally this would have me so stressed you would not believe but to be honest this week has been so stressful I really hadn’t had time to think about it, so was probably just the evening I needed.

I was picked up by Ruth, Lixie and Lucy at quarter to five and was whisked away to the Brewery where we fulfilled one of Lucy’s fantasies by driving up the long pipe like road to the upstairs car park.

Apparently we were a little early so a pre hen visit to Hobby craft should be taken and funnily enough we net a few familiar faces.



Couldn’t have asked for a better start 🙂 I think we may have confused the staff a little when we posed for a picture. What doesn’t show up are Lixie’s amazing stripy tights.

We were then ushered along to Cosmo in the Brewery, now this is a place that me and Andy have been looking at going to since it opened in Romford and have never quite made it, we were confronted by a very long queue but Lucy being as organised as ever had us all booked in and ushered us past a very long queue to a table for ten.


We weren’t disappointed by the food, everyone made several visits to the buffet which although had asian leanings also served Pizza, Piaella, Chips, well in fact far more than I could ever list, my favourite was the Dim Sum bar. There may have also been a couple of glasses of something sparkly and pink partaken of 🙂

After being joined by Rachel we headed out in convoy to my next surprise, it was a revisit to the dogs, where we had celebrated my 40th last year, for those who have never been I highly recommend it, when we go we put £1 on a race, just for fun, never expecting to win anything (and this time I didn’t) and the rule is the winner buys the penny sweets.

Up to now I had got away with out some of the more traditional hen night traditions but the girls suprised me with this.



My own veil and bubbles, the veil was especially made with items from everyone there that they thought represented me, I will eventually post some close ups but you can see a wonderful filet butterfly from Barbara who couldn’t join us, several beautiful crochet hooks, cute little knitted hats, some knitted wire and some charms one of which has inscribed on it ‘crochet Diva’. I was very good and wore it all evening but did strengthen my belief that I have made the right decision about not having a veil on the day, mind you if I keep getting break outs of spots like I am at the moment I may reconsider.

An evening out of course wouldn’t be complete with out some knitting, I think we may have even converted my sister 🙂



And here we are,the final group at the end of the night, my sister actually found someone sober enough to take a group shot, where you can actually see the wonderful shawl that Mary had crocheted for me and to be honest by the end of the evening it was turning a little nippy so was immediately put on, there will be better pictures of this as it is stunning probably over on the nickerjac blog.


It was fantastic to have people from different parts of my life come together for an evening and I really appreciate the effort everyone took to come out for the evening, it was perfect and just what I needed.

I would also like to thank my sister for the photos as mine were all rubbish, I am sure that there will be further ones appearing online from other participants at some point 🙂



Its been a manic few days, with some extreme highs and lows, I’m hoping we has resolved some of the issues but I am sure more will appear before we get there.

I have been having fun today though, I had this sudden fantasy a couple of days ago that I would love a candy bar at the wedding after having seen some amazing ones online.

This one is any child’s fantasy, I love this website it has so many cute ideas

This one has a slightly more adult theme

This one has a great how to list.

I really love the ones with all the different shape containers in clusters so I suddenly started thinking about all the glassware and china I have collected and been given over the years, especially all my blue glass, I really like the idea of collecting stuff togther from my past some from friends and family that may not be able to make it to the wedding for one reason or another so I have been hunting through some of our boxes that have never been unpacked since we had the little boy, glass and toddlers don’t mix.

ImageNow the three bon bon dishes at the front were a small purchase this morning from the local sense shop three for £1.25, The blue glass jay is one of three I know I have, it also has a lid somewhere for this one, the blue pottery jug is from Barbara and the ceramic bowl at the front is one of my own back from when I was doing my Art Foundation back in 1994. Although this doesn’t look much at the moment but I can really see this working 🙂

You can also see the first tying of my bouquet just in shot, I’m not quite happy with the shape of it so it will be rearranged this evening hopefully so then I can get on with the button holes and they can be sent down to the Island early.


Answers and Thank yous

Just popping for a fly by posting, its been a busy week with all things non wedding so I thought I would maybe take this chance to answer a few questions that seem to keep popping up.

1. No I’m NOT pregnant (you’d be suprised how often I’ve been asked)

2. Yes we will be legally married

3. I will be changing my name to Mrs Walker

4. No I really don’t know anything about my hens night, in fact I only found out today when it is 🙂

5. Our definition for Smart Casual, for men jeans and a shirt is fine and for the women just be aware we are in a garden and sitting on straw bales so six inch heels are probably not a good idea.

6. We have a full kitchen and platters to serve things on so don’t feel you have to bring things to put your contribution to the buffet on. The same is true for the drinks, we will have glasses and ice.

7. Yes it will still go ahead if it rains, not in the garden though 🙂

Hope that helps, if you have any more just ask because I am sure that others are thinking the same.

Now for some thank you’s, I know that could take a while, but these are specifically for those of you who bid on the yarn I had placed on ebay, you have added to my budget considerably, Thank You.

Rings and things

I’m back after a couple of stressful days, not least having my e-mail hacked so therefore losing all my contacts 🙂

Never mind on with the fun stuff, we have been having a long discussion about confetti,, I know how difficult can it be, you’d be surprised, some places including churches no longer allow you to have confetti, we are lucky that we don’t have that sort of issue being married in a garden but it gives us a different set of issues. The house we are to be married in will be being put on the market not to long after the wedding so I really didn’t fancy crawling round on my hands and knees on the day after my wedding picking up confetti to tidy the garden up, we then went to rice, apparently this is not good for the birds and may attract rats, ditto bird seed, then my friend Lisa brought round a wonderful surprise from a friend of hers.


A large amount of biodegradable dried white rose petals, they smell wonderful, confetti problem solved.

Another item off the list are the rings


Sorry no pictures until the day, as you know we are on a tight budget but we found a wonderful jeweller via folksy so got our beautiful matching rings, which fit with our engagement rings perfectly, for a very reasonable price handmade for us. I have promised to link to their shop when the weddings over but I cannot praise them enough, they spent a long time answering questions and then made and delivered very quickly.

And what would be a post without mention of buttons,


These are some of the buttons in action, I have had a busy afternoon crocheting leaves and sewing on brooch backs.

Christmas everyday

Some lovely envelopes arrived yesterday, it is a little like christmas everyday at the moment.

Look at these wonderful buttons from Roo they are so cute


I haven’t managed to work on the bouquet for the last couple of days, life has been a bit mad, I am beginning to really feel the time running away from me now.

We also got a special parcel just for Pete the Pirate from Mary G,


He is just going to be a mini Johnny Depp 🙂