This is just a quick post, one our of dear friends has had to change their travel plans to the wedding and so now has a return ticket from Victoria Station in London to basically the front door available, and to qoute her directly although some money for them would be nice actually she would be far happier to see them used than go to waste.

So I am opening it up to first come first served, the ticket is for the Wednesday 15th of August leaving at 11:45 and includes a hovercraft crossing and returns on Tuesday 21st of August leaving Ryde at 14:45. There is still a bit of floor space left in the house and I know some people have been unable to attend due to the finances which you know we completely understand so this is a great chance to come and join the fun, you may be required to help with preparations along the way but it will all be part of the fun.

So if anyone is interested please contact me on