The days are flying by, three weeks to go and I am starting to feel the pressure of the passing of time, I am starting to make inroads, I think I have finished my Bouquet, I say I think I have finished but I was looking at it again this morning and thinking I may need to add another layer to soften it.

ImageBut maybe I just need to stop fiddling with it.

I also visited S and A imports again yesterday, my sister was visiting and gave me a lift over there to pick up Teal and burgundy serviettes, apparently its all in the details 🙂 I did also get the oasis for the flower arrangements and some more ribbon in appropriate colour.

One of the jobs of the day is constructing the confetti boxes that also arrived yesterday.

ImageThese were a bargain from ebay and are the perfect colour, we have also finally agreed on the readings for the ceremony and asked our readers who all thankfully agreed to do it.

I have been having thoughts since the hens night, although I think I am a long way past having a full blown veil I am reconsidering a birdcage veil,I don’t think it will be to difficult to construct and then it started me having thoughts about my hair and then my make up and there we are back to going there is only three weeks to go!