Its been a manic few days, with some extreme highs and lows, I’m hoping we has resolved some of the issues but I am sure more will appear before we get there.

I have been having fun today though, I had this sudden fantasy a couple of days ago that I would love a candy bar at the wedding after having seen some amazing ones online.

This one is any child’s fantasy, I love this website it has so many cute ideas

This one has a slightly more adult theme

This one has a great how to list.

I really love the ones with all the different shape containers in clusters so I suddenly started thinking about all the glassware and china I have collected and been given over the years, especially all my blue glass, I really like the idea of collecting stuff togther from my past some from friends and family that may not be able to make it to the wedding for one reason or another so I have been hunting through some of our boxes that have never been unpacked since we had the little boy, glass and toddlers don’t mix.

ImageNow the three bon bon dishes at the front were a small purchase this morning from the local sense shop three for £1.25, The blue glass jay is one of three I know I have, it also has a lid somewhere for this one, the blue pottery jug is from Barbara and the ceramic bowl at the front is one of my own back from when I was doing my Art Foundation back in 1994. Although this doesn’t look much at the moment but I can really see this working 🙂

You can also see the first tying of my bouquet just in shot, I’m not quite happy with the shape of it so it will be rearranged this evening hopefully so then I can get on with the button holes and they can be sent down to the Island early.