Just popping for a fly by posting, its been a busy week with all things non wedding so I thought I would maybe take this chance to answer a few questions that seem to keep popping up.

1. No I’m NOT pregnant (you’d be suprised how often I’ve been asked)

2. Yes we will be legally married

3. I will be changing my name to Mrs Walker

4. No I really don’t know anything about my hens night, in fact I only found out today when it is 🙂

5. Our definition for Smart Casual, for men jeans and a shirt is fine and for the women just be aware we are in a garden and sitting on straw bales so six inch heels are probably not a good idea.

6. We have a full kitchen and platters to serve things on so don’t feel you have to bring things to put your contribution to the buffet on. The same is true for the drinks, we will have glasses and ice.

7. Yes it will still go ahead if it rains, not in the garden though 🙂

Hope that helps, if you have any more just ask because I am sure that others are thinking the same.

Now for some thank you’s, I know that could take a while, but these are specifically for those of you who bid on the yarn I had placed on ebay, you have added to my budget considerably, Thank You.