I’m back after a couple of stressful days, not least having my e-mail hacked so therefore losing all my contacts 🙂

Never mind on with the fun stuff, we have been having a long discussion about confetti,, I know how difficult can it be, you’d be surprised, some places including churches no longer allow you to have confetti, we are lucky that we don’t have that sort of issue being married in a garden but it gives us a different set of issues. The house we are to be married in will be being put on the market not to long after the wedding so I really didn’t fancy crawling round on my hands and knees on the day after my wedding picking up confetti to tidy the garden up, we then went to rice, apparently this is not good for the birds and may attract rats, ditto bird seed, then my friend Lisa brought round a wonderful surprise from a friend of hers.


A large amount of biodegradable dried white rose petals, they smell wonderful, confetti problem solved.

Another item off the list are the rings


Sorry no pictures until the day, as you know we are on a tight budget but we found a wonderful jeweller via folksy so got our beautiful matching rings, which fit with our engagement rings perfectly, for a very reasonable price handmade for us. I have promised to link to their shop when the weddings over but I cannot praise them enough, they spent a long time answering questions and then made and delivered very quickly.

And what would be a post without mention of buttons,


These are some of the buttons in action, I have had a busy afternoon crocheting leaves and sewing on brooch backs.