Or so said the text from my beloved when we finally confirmed the wedding date. Yes we have finally set a date, I didn’t think the day would ever come as like many people money is tight at the moment but after a generous offer from a friend it is all systems go, oh did I mention it is only 69 days away.

I am blessed with wonderful friends and family who are all offering to help make this the best day, I am so lucky.

Now for the facts, there is NO budget, and when I say no budget I mean no budget, not a small budget or access to credit cards, I mean no budget which is an interesting place to start.

We would like a very relaxed laid back wedding with a feeling of fun and love throughout, this kind of suits our characters.

So far my friend and her family have offered her recently deceased fathers house and garden as a venue and another friend is going to marry us under the chestnut tree in the garden.

The one and only down side to any of this is the because of where it is taking place some people will be missing which makes us sad but understand peoples limitations.

I’m hoping this blog will be a collection of memories leading up to and including the wedding and maybe even a small ray of hope to those who are on the same budget as us.

I’m hoping my friends may blog as well, with shared ideas from all over too.